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10 hours ago

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Often the life of women ends in the walls of the house itself. Many women suffer their lost desires after passing an age. The changing health over time creates a situation like fatigue, tension which is evident in their gestures and behavior. It also sometimes causes problems like loneliness, anger and depression. Dance is a great way to calm the mind out of these situations. At the same time, it gives us physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

What is the spiritual significance of dance?

Dance is directly related to our feminine power or the power of feminine nature. Feminine power is the artistic and creative power within the human being. Unlike male power, this power calms our emotions and motivates us to flow with the flow. While dancing, our body and mind are in the same rhythm. At that time we forget all our troubles and mix with music. Then our feelings are also different. We feel a different joy and satisfaction. By dancing, we can feel the power of the universe inside us. It has many spiritual benefits.

  • Emotional satisfaction
  • Wake up woman
  • peace of mind
  • Inner happiness

Physical and mental benefits of dance

The body is in a moving state through dance, which directly benefits health. While getting freedom from many diseases while dancing, new energy is also transmitted in the body.

  • Better condition of heart and lungs
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Change in weight
  • Bone strengthening and reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Increases physical confidence
  • Improve mental state

How to find time for dance?

1. Identify the art inside you

Currently there are many types of dance. Everything from classical dance arts to modern dance techniques exist. New ways like ‘Zumba’ can also be adopted to stay fit. In such a situation, choose your style according to your choice.

2. Find dance and fitness classes near you

If you have a dance and fitness center around your house then definitely go there. While practicing at home, we are deprived of learning many small and big things. By joining dance class, you can easily learn new things with new people.

3. If you can’t go out, learn at home

If it is not possible to go out of the house, then dance 30 minutes daily at home. In such a situation, as per your wish, dance as you like by putting songs on TV. If possible, find a home tutor and learn from them.

4. Take recourse to the fitness channel

Apart from television, there are many fitness and dance channels on YouTube. Subscribe to them and dance freely whenever you have time in the day.

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