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  • Delhi’s Varuna Started Her Start Up Weapop With Rs 5 Lakh During Lockdown Last Year, Inspired By This Work While Living In A Joint Family

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28 minutes ago

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Varuna Chand of Delhi is one of the entrepreneurs whose business started in 2020. After leaving the corporate job, she used to provide HR consultancy services to the people through her VC consulting. But this work of Varuna stopped during the lockdown last year. She then started her venture ‘Weepop’ in June 2020, furthering her hobby of interior. Says Varuna – “When the consulting work stopped, I set out to convert my home furnishing and decor hobby into a business.” I had decorated friends and my house many times before. But this work will turn into business, it was never thought. ” Varuna has been a student of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Varuna has been in a joint family since childhood. She believes that there are many festive occasions in the joint family, such as sharing a birthday, anniversary or the joy of getting a prize. He saw that on every occasion he had to decorate the table. It was here that inspired Varuna to set the dining table on different themes. During the last 11 months, Varuna’s ideas have received appreciation from 250 customers from Jammu and Kashmir to Karnataka.

Varuna started her business with 5 lakh rupees. He is happy that his customers also have many NRIs who order them through their friends and family living in India. Through her start up, Varuna works with about 15 artisans from Gujarat, Moradabad and Karnataka to provide employment to them.

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