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  • Do Not Ignore Your Hands And Feet In The Midst Of Busy Work At Home, Take Care Of Hands And Feet With These Easy Tips

2 hours ago

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Washing hands repeatedly has become a compulsion due to corona. At the same time, women are not getting the time to take care of themselves due to household tasks. So take time and pay attention to the care of hands and feet.

Remove dryness

Mix one spoon of glycerin in rose water and keep it. Apply this mixture on hands and feet at bedtime. This will keep moisture in hands and feet and they will become soft. Also, mix lemon juice in one teaspoon of sugar and massage the hands and feet and after some time wash it with lukewarm water. Regular massage with a mixture of glycerin, rose water and lemon juice keeps the feet soft.

Raw milk massage

Before boiling the milk, remove it a little and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you have time, rub this milk on your hands and feet and massage it slowly. This removes the accumulated dirt on the hands and feet, as well as makes the skin soft. If there is no problem of oily skin, then you can also massage raw milk on the face. You can repeat this process daily or you can do it in 1-2 days interval.

After washing

If the hands and feet remain in detergent / soapy water for a long time, then they suffer damage. After washing, wash hands properly with plain water, rubbing cream, butter, native ghee, coconut oil or glycerin etc. on hands thoroughly. This will remove dryness of hands.

Foot massage

If the feet seem dry and dry, then add coconut or olive oil and a little salt in lukewarm water and keep the feet in that water for some time. Then take out the feet and wipe them dry with towels with light hands. After drying the feet, gently massage with moisturizer or coconut oil. The feet will also get relief from lukewarm water and infection and dirt will also be removed.


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