Since its launch, Reliance Jio has been providing free service to its customers, especially internet. This free service will continue till 31st March 2017. But now users get only 1 GB data in a day at high speed. This is enough for general use, but it is not good news for Reliance Jio customers watching online videos.

Reliance Jio’s video on demand service JioCinema, formerly known as JioOn Demand, has a wide range of movies to watch. Now a new feature has been added to this app. With its help, you can download movies and watch them later. The problem is that the medium quality file of a movie like Bajirao Mastani is of 985 MB. At the same time, the good quality file is of 1.91 GB. This means that even if you watch the film in medium quality, then the quota of fast internet for the whole day in just one cinema will be exhausted.

To solve this problem, Reliance Jio has added a new feature Smart Download in JioCinema. With the help of this, the download will happen between 2 pm to 5 am. Let us tell you that this is ‘Happy Hour’ in the current Happy New Year offer of Reliance Jio. There is no limit on internet consumption in this time frame. When Reliance Jio becomes commercially available, customers will have to pay for data at that time, but internet consumption will be absolutely free in these three hours.


This means that the movie will be downloaded while you are sleeping. And the data consumption will not be deducted from the free data of Happy New Year Offer. If you want, you can download more than one movie at a time. And you will be able to check the download status of Reliance Jio in My Downloads tab. JioCinema app tells how much space is available in your phone app. This way you will know how much storage you need to clear.

Not all movies and TV shows are available for download on Reliance Jio’s JioCinema app. You can see which movies are available for download by tapping the menu button and selecting Available for download.

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