Facebook’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp is a wonderful app. With the advent of WhatsApp, people’s lives have become much easier. For the convenience of WhatsApp users, the company keeps rolling out new features. Last year, the company released the WhatsApp Status feature. Almost a year has passed since the introduction of the WhatsApp Status feature, but so far this feature remains in vogue. Users like this feature a lot. Please note that the status is automatically removed after 24 hours. The photo or video can be easily posted in the status. Not only in WhatsApp, the status feature is also available in the Facebook and Instagram apps. Millions of video statuses are posted on Whatsapp every day. After seeing the status posted by friends and close people, you must have felt at some point that I wish I could download the photo or video seen in WhatsApp Status. Today we are going to tell you about some such important steps. Using this method, you will be able to download your favorite WhatsApp Status in a jiffy.

How to unhide hidden folders

To download your favorite WhatsApp status, first you have to unhide the hidden .statuses folder on the phone. You might not be aware that whenever you click on any WhatsApp status, it is automatically stored in this hidden folder on the phone. Now you must be wondering that how to remove videos or favorite photos from this hidden folder. Please note that the status is not saved in the gallery to avoid copyright issues. Unhide the .statuses folder does not require rebooting the handset or jailbreaking the iOS device. Go to the menu bar of File Manager, here you will see the option of Settings. After clicking on Settings, you will see the option of Unhide Files. After clicking on this option, go to the WhatsApp folder present in the file manager. Here you have to go to the Media folder. In the Media folder, you will see a hidden folder named .statuses. In this folder, you will find the status photo and video stores.

Many apps are also available

There are also many apps available to download your favorite WhatsApp status. Please note that these apps are not launched by WhatsApp, they are third party apps. These third party apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. We do not confirm how secure these third party apps are regarding user data. That’s why we would advise you to follow the steps mentioned above.

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