Drake was less than thrilled as comedian Trav Que hilariously tried to stick him with a massive $800K bill as part of a prank.

Drake, 34, was not about to pay for someone else’s bar tab. The Toronto born rapper was victim to prank which involved comedian Trav Que insisting that Drake was going to pay for his drinks, in addition to his own — which would have totaled a whopping $800K! “Miss — let me get 2,000 cases of [Drake’s whiskey brand] Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila,” the man said to the bartender next to a less-than-thrilled Drake.

While bottles of VB retail for about $34 each, Bumbu’s Craft Rum runs at $60 for 740mL — which would very quickly add up at a high end establishment when you factor in bottle service and markup. The rapper put his arm out in an attempt to wave the man away, shaking his head no to the woman working at the establishment. “Are you sure?” the bartender questioned, as the comedian intercepted once again. “You know who this is, right? This is Drake!” Trav exclaimed.

“You know who this is? This is Toronto himself. The 6 God. This is ‘b—— callin my phone like I’m locked up, nonstop’,” he went on, referencing one of the rapper’s 2018 Scorpion hits “Nonstop.” By this point, Drake was seemingly getting more miffed by the scenario — giving Trav a sinister stare. “Relax bro,” Drake says, as the man once again interjected. “Put it on his tab, he said he got it. Alright? Everything… everything. He said he got it,” the comedian said in the video posted to social media. The Take Care rapper then noticed he was being filmed, and reached out to swat the phone down out of the other person’s hand. Uh oh!

Drake isn’t the first famous person to fall for Trav’s hilarious “bar tab” prank, which he also pulled on rapper Dave East, actor D. L. Hughley and “We Fly High” rapper Jim Jones. Trav has a second series that also targets celebrities where he asks singers or rappers to listen to his original lyrics — but then performs one of their own songs back. The latter left Chris Brown, Wyclef, Busta Rhymes and Tory Lanez all scratching their heads.

The Canadian rapper has been keeping a low profile lately, but was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills with a longer beard over the weekend. He was also rocking a unique heart shaped buzzcut in his hair as he walked out of a high end jewelry store with a security team. Drake rocked a large pair of diamond stud earrings and a Missoni jacket for the outing, which came after a scary attempted home intrusion incident at his 50,000 sq. foot Toronto property. A woman was arrested outside of home, Page Six reported, noting she was in possession of a knife.

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