The Nokia feature phones are said to be almost indestructible, however, a new drop test has revealed that these phones could have a new rival in this regard. The Nokia 3310 has just competed with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the results may surprise you.

a youtuber did drop test
The odd drop test comparison between these two devices comes from a tech YouTube channel named TechRax. In the video, he has Apple’s latest flagship pitted against a class Nokia device that is known to be very durable. So the results may already seem obvious to you that Nokia would have clearly won easily, this was not the case surprisingly. We can first see the Nokia 3310 in a spiral staircase case in a drop test.

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During its turn, the phone hit the railing and broke into pieces. However, the 3310 didn’t break down completely, simply falling apart into several Lego-like pieces. The iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, was dropped not once, not twice, but an impressive three times. In the first drop, the rear glass panel of the iPhone was broken but the front panel was relatively damaged.

In other words, the ceramic shield really came in handy. However, on the second drop, the display broke at the bottom right corner, while the rear panel shattered further. But it’s still quite a consequence, considering that in the second drop the device had fallen even further down the spiral stair case. The third and final drop surprisingly had no effect on the device, with just a few more cracks on the front. Other than that the device looked more or less normal and there were no performance issues or any issues with the camera. Unfortunately, the fate of the Nokia 3310 was not disclosed, however, we can assume that it survived despite the body being broken, as older feature phones break down into a simple assembly of keyboard, battery and back panel when dropped . Made the phone like new. But Apple kept working despite falling from a height three times.

You can also watch the video of the drop test

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