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Be careful if you use Twitter, Elon Musk can put you in jail. Yes, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the company can lock users in a virtual jail for violating its policy. A Twitter follower shared a suggestion for Musk to improve the micro-blogging site by putting users in “Twitter jail”.

One user posted “Tweet suggestion 2: Twitter jail! Share both the reason for the ban, the number of violations, and when the account will be free.”

Musk replied: “Agreed”.

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The Twitter user also suggested another change to improve the microblogging platform.

Posted by user. “Tweet Suggestion: Add Reach Statistic on Tweet Activity Button. Impression Stats are nice to look at but not very useful,”

Musk said: “Good idea.”

In one of its new product enhancement announcements, Musk tweeted last week that the microblogging site is working on a solution to automatically convert long-form text into threads, as Twitter allows only 280 characters. Makes it challenging for the user to write a long text. Earlier this week, he had said that the company would work on speeding up upload times on the micro-blogging platform, giving top priority to videos.

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