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  • Even After The Financial Status Of The Transgender Princess Is Not Correct, Raising 8 Children, Raising Food, Has Distributed Food Grains To 1 Lakh People During The Corona Period

2 hours ago

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Even today, transgenders have not got the respect they deserve in our society. Even after facing many troubles, we hear about the transgenders who are an example for society.

Princess is one of such transgender women who, despite tough struggle in life, remains an example for society today.

His parents expelled him saying that he was a stigma on the family. Even after this, the princess did not give up and stood on her feet.

After leaving home, he also tolerated the taunts of the society but never embraced despair in life due to fear of people. The princess adopted many orphaned children. He also got many needy weddings done.

The princess adopted eight children and took care of them as a mother.

The princess helps the poor and the needy with her hard-earned money. She donates 75% of her income for the upbringing of the poor.

They never retreat with help. The princess has so far adopted eight children and has taken care of them as a mother.

They also bear all their expenses. Apart from this, this woman has set an example in society by getting 1000 girls married. The princess gives the ornaments to the financially weak girls, which they find at the house of the people dancing or singing.

During the Princess Corona period, 1 lakh grains have been distributed to the people.

Ever since the outbreak of Corona virus has started, till date they have distributed 1 lakh grains among the poor. Along with this, they also distributed clothes to the people. According to the princess, my own financial situation is not very good. Even after this, I feed twenty people every day.


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