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  • Everyone Knows About Plantation In Soil, But Some Plants Can Be Planted Easily In Water Too…

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Ashish Kumar, Gardening Specialist17 hours ago

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  • Plant the plants in water to bring and decorate the greenery in the house. Keep them in bright places. Know which plants can be decorated.

All plants are grown in soil, but there are some plants which can also be grown in water, especially indoors i.e. as indoor plants. Most plants growing in water require less sunlight and care. You can decorate the house by placing them in a transparent glass bottle or jar.


It is considered good to put it in the drawing-room inside the house. Fill a glass jar or bowl with water and plant a bamboo plant. To keep the plant stable, some stones can be filled at the bottom in the jar or bol. When the upper part of this plant grows more, prune it, so it will maintain good growth.

Peace Lily

Grind lilies can be applied to make your home fragrant. It purifies the air as well as enhances the beauty of the house. It is kept in shade. Peace lilies do not have to be pruned more often than other plants. However, if any part or leaf of the lily withers, then pruning can be done.


This plant does not need sunlight. It is considered good to keep this plant near the window. This plant improves the air quality around it. It can be applied in water in the jar with the help of stone.

Spider plant

It is a perennial plant. Keep this in mind while applying this plant in water, its leaves get immersed in water and dry easily, so keep only the roots inside the water. It grows in both low light and partial sunlight.

money plant

The green color of the vines of the money plant relaxes the eyes and also enhances the beauty of the house. It can be applied in any glass bottle or jar. Try to keep the money plant near the window or in some place where it gets light and air. Change its water twice a week.

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