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Excitel, the fastest growing internet service provider in India is now offering its 300 Mbps plan for just Rs 167 per month. This is a limited time onboarding offer from the company. This means that this offer will not be available for old customers. The offer of Rs 167 per month will also be given to new users only once. After this, users will have to continue with the existing tariff being offered by the company. 300 Mbps internet speed at Rs 167 per month is really an interesting offer. Broadly speaking, the daily expenditure in the plan will be around Rs 5. If you also want to take advantage of this offer, then know everything about this offer in detail…

300 Mbps fast internet speed for Rs 167 per month
If you also want to enjoy fast internet speed, then this plan of 300 Mbps can be a best option for you. Excite has introduced a new onboarding limited-time offer for users residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra, wherein users can get 300 Mbps of blazing fast internet speed for just Rs 167 per month.

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Plan will have to be bought for at least 3 months
The user will have to buy the plan for three months, ie the total cost for the plan will be Rs 167 x 3 = Rs 501. Taxes may also be included in the charge of the final bill. The best part for the customer is that there is no installation charge involved but the company takes Rs.2000 as one-time refundable security deposit from the customers for the ONU device.

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OTT benefit Bhil can be bundled in the plan
Consumers can also bundle Excitel’s 300 Mbps plan with OTT (over-the-top) benefits at a nominal charge of Rs 100/month + GST ​​if they are going for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months plans. Huh. There is also an OTT premium plan that can be bundled with the 300 Mbps plan, but that plan will cost an additional Rs 166/month + GST. This is a promotional offer from the Company and can be withdrawn by the Company at any time.

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