Adam Scott challenges a pair of sisters to a game of ‘Don’t Miss’ in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 9 episode of ‘Don’t.’

Sisters Dahlia, Latifah, Amal, and Sabrin are trying to win $100,000 in the July 9 episode of Don’t, and they’ll go to great lengths to get it. Adam Scott tells the sisters from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that they’re going to be playing a game of “Don’t Miss” in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode. He explains the game to them, and it’s a bit complicated!

Over the course of four 20-second rounds, they need to try and score as many baskets as they can. But the course is designed to be very tricky to maneuver. Each basket is worth $1,000. If they don’t miss 20 times, they’ll earn $20,000!

The contestants of the July 9 episode of ‘Don’t.’ (ABC)

When the sisters get on the spinning wheel, one of them says: “Why did I do this to myself?” One sister is slower than the rest to get up. The dizziness is REAL.

When she steps onto the next part of the course, she falls when the floor begins to move. She gets up and makes it to the rest of her sisters with only seconds to spare, but then she falls AGAIN!

When the game is over, Adam asks Dahlia how she’s feeling after her multiple falls during the challenge. “Horrible,” she says. “I’m still dizzy!” The sisters will also be playing other challenges like “Don’t Leave Me Hanging,” “Don’t Lose Your Grip,” “Don’t Drink,” and “Don’t Get Tired.”

Adam Scott
Adam Scott is the host of ‘Don’t.’ (ABC)

In each episode, members of a four-person team strive to accomplish various challenges and build their bank. If they fail a challenge, they don’t earn money and suffer ridiculous consequences. Along the way, they’ll have the choice to take risks by pushing the Don’t Push Button or taking a chance on a Don’t You Dare, You. In the end, whatever money they have left in their bank is theirs to keep. The series is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Don’t airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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