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Social media company Facebook is soon going to remove some information from users’ profiles. This information includes users’ sexual preferences, religious views, political views, and address. The social media company owned by Meta has confirmed this by showing a notification related to this change to the users and these changes will be applicable from December 1, 2022.

Many Facebook users have been informed by a notification on their profile that some of their profile info is being removed. It is written in this screenshot that ‘Starting from December 1, 2022, information such as address, political views and religious views will be removed from the contact and basic info shared by you on the profile.’

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There will be no change in the rest of the profile
It has been told in the notification that the rest of the information appearing on the profile, such as current city, hometown and previous cities, will continue to appear as before and the rest of the contact and basic info will not be changed. Facebook used to give users an option to express their sexual preference with ‘Interested In’ option and they could also share their religious or political views on the profile.

Users can download their data
Before Facebook removes this information, users are being given the option to download a copy of their Facebook data. This can be done by going to Settings & Privacy. This can be done by tapping on ‘Download profile information’ and ‘view’ in the ‘Your Facebook information’ section. While doing this you will have to enter your password.

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Why is Facebook making such a change?
Meta spokesperson Emil Vazquez said, “As part of our efforts to make navigation and use of Facebook easier, we are removing some profile fields. Users who filled out these fields are being informed about their removal by sending notifications. ” It is clear that the company is working on making the platform easy to use as well as giving better privacy to the users.

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