Sep 21, 2019, 08:10 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. The festive season is near and in such a situation, jewelery also comes out. It is important to have a safe place to keep your expensive jewelery at home for a long time. People are now opting for the jewelery box. Telling how to choose modern jewelery box Jewelery designer Raina Kapoor

Choose jewelery box like this

Wooden jewelery boxes are most preferred. They come in many shapes and sizes and come with lined compartments. Different types of jewelery can be kept in these compartments. Leather box of jewelery also named Vallej. They are smaller than a wooden box. Watches, cuff links and rings are often kept in leather boxes. Jewelery boxes are also made of fabric. They are the smallest and are being liked these days due to their attractive look.

There are many types of jewelery boxes, it is permissible to confuse them on seeing them. Some have compartments and leads, many dryers and trays. “Amoyer” is considered the largest jewelery box. It is special for those who have a large collection of different types of expensive jewelery. There are also wall jewelery boxes to put on the wall. This can save space on your dresser. They are larger but more compact than the Amoyer. You can choose from these options as per your convenience and choice.

Before purchasing jewelery box, complete information about linings should be taken. Lint-free soft linings are perfect for your jewelery. If the lining is rough, it increases the chances of scratching the jewelery.

To protect your jewelery from children, a simple child proof lock can be installed. But if you really want to keep your jewelery safe, then the box can also be kept in the temperature controlled safe at home and also in the safe deposit box of the bank.

You can buy jewelery box to match the design of the house and the decor. If you like modern design, then you can get a sleek and plain jewelery box. If you are fond of Victorian design then you can take a box with scrolling decor and fancy design. If you only want to keep your jewelery safe then you can buy a box with a plain and more space.

  • Organize: The alternative is no better option to keep your expensive jewelery organized.
  • the access: Put the jewelery in the box, you can easily remove it when you feel the need for the jewelery.
  • Security: Keeping jewelery in a safe box gives jewelery double protection. It not only prevents theft, it also prevents from getting spoiled. When kept open it is spoiled by dust and dirt, remaining in the box.
  • Will not be lost: Fear of missing jewelry remains open. The possibility of missing the jewelery from the box also decreases.
  • Style: By keeping jewelery in the box, you also enhance your personal style.
  • Facility: Using jewelery box also proves to be extremely convenient for you. There will be no problem in taking it anywhere.

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