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Nov 01, 2019, 07:44 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. You can maintain your style by wearing a blazer in winter. Its different variety and cuts are for you. It can also be worn with ethnic wear apart from Western.

With western wear

Blazers look good with westernwear such as jeans and trousers. Teamup it with a midi skirt for a bold look. If you want to go to an office party or wedding and you want a western look, then you can also carry a blazer with a top. Even with gown and maxi dress, the blazer will give you a unique look.

People like to wear scarves to look stylish as winter comes. Buy a multicolor or printed scarf for yourself. Carry it with a blazer. If you want, hang one third of the muffler on one side of the throat and two third on the other side. Wrap the large one and bring it to the other side and tie the knot. This way you will look stylish.

As much as men like to use different types of blazer cuts and designs, they also like wearing printed blazers. Nowadays isometrical blazer is also in trend. Its black and blue colors are most liked in party wear. From dhoti paint to its pairing with trousers, it looks good.

Blazer pairings with check shirts look good. Whether printed or plain, shirts are preferred with all types of shirts. It is liked by both girls and boys. You can also team up neutral color blazers with offers. These are suits with clothes of every color. Its wool variety is also trending in Winter.

The choice of shoes and shoes is important to keep in mind for the style statement. If you are wearing a blazer with jeans then wear long boots. When choosing shoes, take care of your comfort with style and choice.

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