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FIFA World Cup 2022 has started in Qatar and millions of fans around the world are joining it. The event will see 31 football teams from across the world clash with each other to prove themselves better than the rest. This event is special in many ways and apart from being grand, high-end technology is being used in it. The official football of FIFA 2022 has been named ‘Al Rihala’ and is equipped with very special technology.

The official FIFA World Cup ball has been named ‘Al Rihala’ and has been specially designed for the event. Al Rihala, which means ‘travel’ in Arabic, is inspired by the culture, architecture and boats of the host country Qatar, as well as its flag. The reason why this football is called the most advanced football in the world includes the special technology made in it, which will decide that the results of the World Cup and the data related to it are absolutely correct.

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adidas created the official world cup ball
Football for the 14th FIFA event has been prepared by the popular sports company Adidas. A special type of sensor has been fitted inside this ball, so that information about peak game speeds is available. FIFA claims that this ball will be the fastest traveling football in the history of the tournament. With the help of sensors in it, apart from the speed and position of the ball, it can be tracked up to the point of kicking it. adidas’ suspension system will help it detect at what point the ball is kicked.

Football tracking system will work like this
Offside incidents will be detected with the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor present on the football with CRT-CORE inside and Speedshell textured PU skin on the outside. The data of this ball will be sent to the video operation room 500 times every second, so that the kick point can be detected. That is, if the player has kicked the ball from outside the ground, then it can be detected immediately and there will be no dispute. This ball will help the referee to make better and accurate decisions.

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Al Rihala Football will assist the referee
FIFA this year implemented a new semi-automated offside detecting system to assist the referees. With 12 tracking cameras installed throughout the stadium and the Al Rihala ball, the technology will send automatic offside alerts to the video referee anytime a shot is played outside the bounds of the ground. This would reduce the referee’s reliance on protected VAR replays, which until now had been used to decide whether a player had kicked the ball from inside or outside the ground. That is, technology has been trusted instead of referees during FIFA.

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