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  • Fight With Cancer In Difficult Situations Of Lockdown, They Showed That If You Are Encouraged, You Can Win Through Difficult Circumstances Of Life.

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  • Due to the corona lockdown, it was also difficult to go to the hospital for treatment 5 days a week for energy
  • Due to chemotherapy, the hair of energy lost and radiation caused damage to the skin of the throat.

31-year-old energy lives in Mumbai with her husband Nikunj. No one in his family ever got cancer. It was never thought that even such a big disease could happen to them.

The time of the lockdown was heavy on him in such a way that he himself did not even know. Energy started its cancer treatment from 30 March. On 14 August, the doctor told him to be cancer free. How energy has won the battle with cancer and the hardships she has faced, she is speaking her words through words like this:

I can’t forget the time when cancer started. I had trouble swallowing and chewing food. So I showed Vedanta Karveer, a gastroenterologist in Mumbai. He advised me to have an endoscopy. Her duct was not going down my throat while doing endoscopy. Then I was told that I had a lump in my throat.

Due to radiation, the skin around the neck of energy got damaged.

Due to radiation, the skin around the neck of energy got damaged.

Then the doctor advised me to have a CT scan and a blood test. Based on the same report, I immediately asked to go to Global Hospital in Parel. Investigation here revealed that there is 90% blockage in the throat. At that time my condition was so bad that I could not take both food and water by mouth. Therefore, a tube was placed in my nose so that I could be given the necessary nutrition through this tube.

Then five days later my biopsy report came out which showed that I have cancer of the esophagus. I had reached the third stage of cancer. When I came to know about this disease, I felt that my life was over. I was also surprised that no one in my family had ever had cancer before.

Due to chemotherapy, the hair loss of energy.

Due to chemotherapy, the hair loss of energy.

Dr. Rohit Malde gave 50% chance of my recovery. They asked me to get 35 radiation and 6 chemotherapy. My hair fell due to chemotherapy and due to radiation, the skin of my throat got damaged inside. Because of that, my treatment was stopped only after 29 radiation. In such a situation, my weight loss also became a problem for me.

I had never heard of this disease, nor did I know that I could be cured. I was getting dark eyes all around my life. Then I spoke with my husband Nikunj to my uncle who is also a doctor, Ashok Lohana. He advised us to meet Dr. Rohit Malde at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai.

When I started my treatment, my weight was 36 kg. The doctors had told me clearly that if I lost even a kilo now, I would not be able to get treatment. Then I took help of Dr. Usha Kiran Sisodia, Chief Dietician of Nanavati Hospital. Following her diet chart, I gained 46 kg in five months.

Energy was worried that Nikunj, who was with him all the time, might not get corona infection.

Energy was worried that Nikunj, who was with him all the time, might not get corona infection.

Due to the lockdown, it was also difficult for me to go to the hospital for 5 days a week. We had to be extra careful about my food pipe due to the fear of infection because there was always a fear that the corona epidemic might affect me or my husband Nikunj, who lived with me all the time.

When my treatment started, I felt that I would lose the battle with cancer, but when I started getting positive signals from my body, then I started realizing that I will live by defeating this disease.

Doctor Rohit Malde of Nanavati Hospital and Bharat Chauhan helped me a lot. I lost my voice during this treatment. In such a situation my parents, my friends and the hospital staff helped me. In such difficult times, I got encouragement from those people who encouraged me by making video calls and I could only explain my pain in sign language to them.

Those who are currently a cancer patient and undergoing their treatment, I want to tell them that they should have full confidence in their doctor. Do not rely solely on Google to know this disease because every patient of cancer has different treatment in every stage. It is not right to believe 100% on the Internet. Ask the doctor about every little thing related to this disease, because those are the ones that can give you both proper advice and treatment.

After all, I will say that no matter how difficult the situation is, never underestimate yourself. Take care of your health first.

Do not ignore the signals that your body is giving you, because if you get to know about your illness in time, then only then you will be able to treat it at the right time.


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