Now that Rob Kardashian has slimmed down and got his confidence back, it looks like he’s going to be leaving the house a lot more. He’s showing off his brand new Rolls Royce SUV and is so proud of his new ride.

Rob Kardashian is going places…literally! After unveiling his amazing weight loss transformation at sister Khloe Kardashian‘s 36th birthday party on June 27, it appears he’s planning on hitting the town a lot more often. Rob’s been pretty reclusive over the past few years, but on July 1 he unveiled that he’s got a brand new luxury Rolls Royce SUV to get around in. He showed off three photos of the $350K charcoal grey vehicle to his Instagram, as fans cheered the 33-year-old on for flexing about his new ride.

In the first photo, Rob showed his new Rolls Royce Cullinan with the driver’s side and backseat doors open, as to display the interior. In the caption Rob seemed to give a shout-out to clipse‘s 2006 iconic hip hop hit “Keys Open Doors,” as he used the line in his caption for the snap.

In a second photo, Rob thanked “my brothers” George Keshishyan and his Platinum Auto Group for the new wheels, showing the back of the vehicle. In the third post, he took the photo of the SUV from the side with the doors closed and wrote in the caption, “Outside, let it rain.” The picture caught sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s attention, as she responded in the comments, “Rain down on the farm.” Rob and Kourt just posed together for a sweet photo at Khloe’s party, and he shared the snapshot to Instagram. The siblings looked so happy, and Rob smiled brightly and appeared so confident in his slimmed down body.

Fans are so thrilled that reclusive Rob is back on social media showing photos of himself, and back with his family as well. User @kris_ann19 commented, “Nice ride! Glad to see you so happy! We missed seeing you!” while @kattfamily09 gushed, “Wow!! That car…I’ll go for a ride…I’m so glad your back Rob.” @bosss0hard commented about Rob flaunting his Rolls, “Ohhh this is how you feelin Robert?! flex on us then I see youuu,” as @libbylambertin cheered, “Yasss Rob so happy for everything you’re doing mah boy.”

Rob has posted eight photos in three days, which is a huge amount for him. Fans were lucky to get one post per month at the most, and it was usually something sports related or a snap of his three-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian by ex Blac Chyna. Now he’s showing off photos of himself smiling and socializing with Scott Disick, 37, and Tristan Thompson, 29, at Koko’s birthday bash, giving brotherly love to Kourtney, and getting a sweet new luxury Rolls to start going out on the town in. Rob is BACK!

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