May 14, 2020, 03:38 PM IST

Vaishali Ghule, who is serving as a nurse in a hospital in Nashik, told her family on April 26 that she was now going to do staff nurse duty at the hospital. During this time, he will have to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. His 10-year-old son’s question on this made him sad that what do you need to be there? Responding, he said that the hospital management has decided that due to increase in the number of patients from 10 to 300 in 1 week, now nurses will have to give more time in the hospital. She told her 75-year-old mother-in-law, husband Madhur Kar, and sons Tanishq (10) and Yash (15) that health workers would now have to work diligently due to the corona outbreak.

Care of 30 patients simultaneously

He also assured the family that during this time they will take full care of themselves. Also, the phone will be kept from time to time. Vaishali says that her house is just 8 km from the hospital, but for the first time she realized that this distance has become quite long. Like other colleagues in the hospital, Ghule was given 1 day training in the use of personal protective equipment PPE and cleanliness. He said that his exam started when he first stepped into the special ward meant for Kovid-19. The infected people were quite scared here and they did not even know how they got hit by the virus. Meanwhile, Ghule was taking care of 30 patients simultaneously.

Dare with treatment

She was upset as a patient in the ward suddenly went into depression. She says that was the most difficult moment for me, I tried to explain that she would have to maintain hope in order to recover as quickly as possible. Vaishali realized at that time that she could also do counseling work. The most joyous and satisfying moment for Ghule was when that patient came to say goodbye with folded hands and tears after recovering. After working in Kovid-19 ward, Aghule was kept in Quarantine for 1 week till 10 May.

Didn’t see the kids for a fortnight

Vaishali said in a rueful voice that she did not see her children for a fortnight. However she used to talk to him through video call on WhatsApp. She will not forget this experience throughout her life, she said that she had never faced such a situation in her career of 20 years. She says that this one fortnight has made her very strong and responsible. She will take a 2-day leave after going home, after which she will have to work in her parent department on her return to duty, where she takes care of the newborns.

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