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Many times, the things we are not able to learn while living in classrooms, seminars or workshops, we all learn on the basis of our experiences with aging. Recently Twitter user Gayatri invited 40 women to express their views on Twitter. Answers to them can also teach you a lot.

Gayatri asked women through her tweet, “What is the lesson you learned when you are 40 and you would like to share it with others”. He shared his experiences and wrote – “The sacrifice you make for others does not matter. Ultimately, you are held responsible for these actions ”.

Women who have passed the age of 40 gave different reactions to the subject. No one should ever end their happiness for a future that you don’t know anything about. A woman advised being selfish is a good thing. Here are some similar tweets which will help you in taking many life lessons.

Kiran Manral wrote – “Be selfish and give yourself priority because no one else will do this work”.

Silpa Kar writes this is my experience before the age of 30. Nobody appreciates your dedication. A girl who left the job at the age of 29 for the sake of husband and children, has to constantly listen to the taunts of not being employed today. Even the divorce came to a standstill.

One Twitter user wrote, “Don’t trust anyone blindly. Try to see what is under that innocent mask that the person is wearing in front of you and is speaking in such a sweet voice. Pull out her mask at the first opportunity, expose her before they exploit you ”.

Debashi Guptu wrote in his tweet that could never happen later. Do not keep the things you want to do now. Do them now.


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