God's Plan to Boy with Luv, 10 songs to get you grooving this International Day Of Happiness

God’s Plan to Boy with Luv, 10 songs to get you grooving this International Day Of Happiness

People have different definitions of happiness. Some find it in loving pets, few in online shopping, and others in the presence of loved ones. Amongst many such joys of life, one that brings everyone together is the love for music. On International Day of Happiness, here are five peppy tracks you should hear that will get you all geared up to celebrate the joy of music! 

1. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift 

Be it a great day or a terrible one, this upbeat song is the perfect remedy to take any mood to another level of excitement! 

2. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce 

One of the most iconic anthems of the decade, every single girl can attest to feeling like a superstar and owing their worth with this peppy number! 

3. Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna 

Is there any better feeling than splurging on retail therapy when payday finally arrives? R&B queen Rihanna track perfectly exemplifies the bliss of feeling like a million bucks. 

4. Confident by Demi Lovato 

This energetic track makes you channel your inner boss, urging you to follow your gut and watch the world your every wish become reality!

5. It’s My Birthday by Will.i.am 

Is any birthday complete without this legendary electronic track? The incredible beats are bound to get you grooving, celebrating every day like its your birthday! 

6. Memories by Maroon 5 

An emotional pop track beckoning you to remember fond memories with loved ones, this famous song is the ideal soundtrack to take a trip down memory lane. 

7. A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Illustrious English band Coldplay will transport you to another world with their ethereal house song honoring the beauty of the universe. 

8. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars 

Sometimes what you need to do is absolutely nothing! This cheerful track captures the joy of being lethargic to perfection. 

9. God’s Plan by Drake 

Renowned for creating unforgettable records, Drake’s trap song alludes to having faith in the path for you and encourages folks to display their compassion with acts of charity. 

10. Boy with Luv by BTS

An optimistic record encapsulating the feeling of falling head over heels in love, this bubblegum pop track featuring Halsey is sweet ride through the journey of passion. 

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