Govinda struggles in bollywood industry: Govinda’s Veteran actor Govinda said that he had to wait for the first hour to meet any producer and no one knew him in the industry.

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Govinda, one of the Veteran actors of Bollywood, has entertained audiences on the silver screen for many years. Apart from Govinda’s acting, his dance still compels people to dance. Govinda has told how he has seen the days of struggle in the beginning of his career, then he has got success.

Govinda told Struggle in the interview

Govinda has told about the struggle of his career in a recent interview. The actor said that he had to wait for the first hour to meet any producer and nobody knew him in the industry. Not only this, many people also told him that he would not be able to make a career in this industry.

Everyone would like to know about Govinda

  • Everyone would like to know about Govinda

    When it comes to Bollywood’s most loved and every heart Aziz stars, then the name of actor Govinda is also taken with great respect. Govinda became the Tough Competition for other stars in the 90s. He has been a star who also gave 14 films in a year. On his birthday on 21 December, we are telling some interesting things related to his life: (All photos: Instagram)

  • Own promotional cassette, many times rejected

    Govinda was fond of acting from the beginning. That is why he saw Mithun Chakraborty starrer ‘Disco Dancer’ and after that he practiced for hours and created a promotional cassette. He auditioned several times to work in Rajshri’s films, but was rejected every time.

  • Govinda is a trend dancer and classical singer

    Very few people know that Govinda is not only a trend dancer but also a trend classical singer. She showed her singing skills in films like ‘Shola aur Shabnam’, ‘Aankhen’ and ‘Hasina Maan Jaagi’.

  • Kadar Khan to Satish Kaushik together

    Govinda is a star whose pairing was appreciated not only with actors but also with heroines. Govinda acted in 41 films with Kader Khan, while he appeared in 42 films with Shakti Kapoor. While Govinda acted in 14 films with actor Satish Kaushik.

  • Jodi hit with these heroines

    The magic of Govinda’s pairing with Karisma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon and Rani Mukherjee dominated the audience as well as the filmmakers in such a way that they would be restless to take these pairs in every film. Govinda did 10 films with Karishma, while he was paired in 9 films with Raveena.

  • These films were rejected, hit

    Govinda was such a successful star, but it would be said that any film that Govinda refused to do was a hit later. Hardly anyone knows that Govinda was offered films like ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’, ‘Taal’ and ‘Devdas’, but they rejected. These films were blockbusters upon release.

  • 14 films released in a year

    In the 80–90s, Govinda’s identity became that of a star who used to release up to 14 of his films in a year.

  • Govinda copy to Telugu stars!

    Govinda had to struggle for 14 years to reach the stairs of stardom. But there was a time when filmmakers used to line up to cast him in their films. Govinda is an inspiration for Telugu actors. His acting and dancing style is still followed there today.

  • Passion so much that even after accident, shoot

    Govinda’s passion for acting was so overwhelming that he once had an accident, with injuries to his head. There was considerable bleeding. Despite this, Govinda did not cancel the shoot and continued to shoot till midnight.

  • Films were flop to get rejections like this

    But when the phase of films flopped, the producers and directors also took a tweet from them. It is said that directors like David Dhawan also distanced themselves from Govinda. The pair of David Dhawan and Govinda gave many superhit films.

  • Salman helped in Govinda's career like this

    Salman handled Govinda’s sinking career and made the film ‘Partner’ with him. Even after this, Govinda’s career could not be sustained.

Some people control business in Bollywood

The actor further said that many other popular actors had also faced struggles in their early career but their outlook is about the cut-throat competition in this industry. There are some people in Bollywood who control the business but they are happy that the time is changing.

Some movies failed to release properly

The Veteran actor said that some of his films failed to perform well due to not being released properly, which he had high hopes for. Many people have to deal with this problem.

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