Popular big-screen actor Gurmeet Chaudhary is in the news these days with his Zee Studio’s new film The Wife. After the lockdown in the Corona era, he has now started shooting for the film in Jaipur. Apart from his horror-thriller film, he talks freely on issues like shooting experience in a new environment, Outsider-Insider, wife Debina and Sushant Singh Rajput.

How was the shooting experience in Corona era after lockdown?
– A lot has changed. We took precautions before arriving at the set. We got our corona test done before coming here. We all traveled from head to heel with PPI kits, gloves, masks, visors. When we landed here in Jaipur, we were tested again. We resumed shooting only when we got our test results negative. We have our set near the hotel. We reached the sets very comfortably without coming in contact. The shooting floor is also divided in the section, we have all been given cards to follow social distancing according to colors, so that there is not much congestion. People in the makeup and costume department wear PPI kits. The rest of the crew is always in masks, face shields and gloves, which is mandatory for all. Sets, vans and all things are sanitized. No outsiders are allowed in the shooting. We also do not go out of our set.

What’s special for you in The Wife?
– а lot. For the first time I am filming a solo lead. Here I have got the whole scope. The film is also a horror thriller. The most important thing is that I liked the script very much. Horror has its own separate fan-following. Like me and Debina (his actress wife) are fans of the horror film. Vicky Kaushal recently did a horror film like Bhoot. Big superstars like Ajay Devgan have done films in this genre. People want to see the horror, all they want is a strong script and a good studio, who can make and release it properly. I am happy that the weight of this film is on my shoulders. It is too early to talk about your character. But I can definitely say that you will find me in a different way. My wife is playing Shiney Dutta. This is his first film.

How could you and your wife Debina remain positive and happy during the lockdown? On social media, you have been sharing videos of yoga, meditation, fitness and dance.
– We Hindustani have become aware of our fitness for the last 15 years. People are starting workouts at home. The second best thing that happened during the lockdown is that we started taking care of our mental health as well. Earlier we did not pay much attention to it. Meditation is the gift of all India. Now people are getting attracted towards meditation and yoga. In lockdown, me and Debina started mediation. We actors affect people, so now I talk about these things on my social media so that more and more people are positive.

Horror-thriller film, so will the kissing scene. What will be the reaction of Debina on this?
Luckily my wife is also an artist. She understands all this. I have also acted with him and know him well. Viewers are also beginning to understand that this actor is playing a character. Now the kissing scene seems very normal and realistic. The audience has matured a lot. Debina and I have a lot of understanding about work. We do not interfere in each other’s work. Support each other. Debina has great faith in me. Anyway, I am a family man, I am waiting to return home after shooting.

What would you say on the insider and outsider debate?
– I would say that the public is everything, it is God. Now they should support all the new talent, actor equally. Their support is very important. When a new actor is launched, it does not get much public love. The public should see the work of new talent. Sometimes the film does not work, but the actor is very good. When the public gives good reviews, then they get work in the industry. If the public will love a new talent or outsider, then the producer-director will have to give him the job. I have been a TV superstar and I have received a lot of respect from the audience there. Now the people of the film who have not seen my film, request that you please watch my films. If you see, I will get more work.

What about Sushant’s suicide case? The industry seems to be divided into two parts on this issue?
Sushant was also from Bihar and I am from Bihar myself. Very sad to know about Sushant. From day one, I was in support of a CBI inquiry. The first few days started to understand what happened. Now the CBI has come, so we all want to know what happened to them? I will also tell you that I am also an outsider, but it would be wrong to say that our industry is bad. There are also very good people in the industry. It has happened to me many times that if people have rejected me, some have also supported me. It happens in every industry. Our industry becomes more high light because everyone wants to know about us. I have been fired or replaced many times in TV too. But then title roles were also found. Also happened in films. It is not only with small actors but also with big actors, whether it is starkid or not.

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