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  • Gurung Meena Started The First ‘Street Library’ In Arunachal Pradesh, She Wants Her Efforts To Give Young People A Chance To Read Good Books.

18 minutes ago

  • Meena has started the library in Nirjuli of Papam Pare state of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • He got inspiration from his street library from Mizoram’s ‘Mini Way Side Library’.

Meena Gurung of a small town in Arunachal Pradesh has started a ‘street library’ for readers. He also arranged for the readers to sit here and read.

Meena Gurung is a teacher in a government school. She says – “This street library has been started for only 10 days and is getting positive response from the readers”. Meena has started this library in Nirjuli town of Papam Pare state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Meena is happy that books have not been stolen here for ten days without any locks. They also do not worry that books can be stolen from this library. Meena says, “Even if these books are stolen, I will be happy because whoever steals it will use it for reading”.

Meena got inspired by her street library from Mizoram’s ‘Mini Way Side Library’. Divang Hosai, a friend of Meena, has graduated from English Honors. Meena has started this library with her friend.

Gurung Meena has graduated in Economics from Bengaluru. She wants to work for the good of women and widows. Meena promotes the education of the elderly. She also wants to raise her voice against child marriage.

Women and teenagers are the most people reading books from this library of Meena. Gurung has realized that teenagers do not like to sit in the open space under the street library and read books so they will now lend these books to take them home. She wants to cultivate a passion for studies in teenagers through her efforts.

Meena wants to open a similar library in every small and big city of Arunachal Pradesh. In view of their efforts, many volunteers have given books kept in their homes to keep here so that more and more people can read it.

Some people also helped Meena financially so that they could buy good books to keep in this library. Meena says, “I hope that in view of my efforts, people from other states will also start a similar street library”.


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