Halsey, who has an African American father, revealed she’s ‘in pain’ for her family but admitted that she is ‘not susceptible to the same violence’ due to her skin color.

Halsey, 25, is opening up about white privilege. “im white passing. it’s not my place to say ‘we’,” the singer — who was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane —  tweeted on Tuesday, June 2. “it’s my place to help. i am in pain for my family, but nobody is gonna kill me based on my skin color. I’ve always been proud of who I am but it’d be an absolute disservice to say ‘we’ when I’m not susceptible to the same violence,” she explained to her 12.7 million followers.

The Edison, New Jersey native joined thousands of Los Angeles residents during a protest following the death of George Floyd on Saturday, May 30. Halsey was joined by her ex-boyfriend Yungblud, 22, on the frontlines. The pair both sported protective face masks given the COVID-19 outbreak, walking with a homemade sign that read “Black Lives Matter.”

The “You Should Be Sad” singer bravely put herself on the frontlines, despite other protestors being attacked with batons, rubber bullets and tear gas. “A true patriot is a person who is not afraid of rebelling against their Government for the greater good of their fellow citizens,” she screamed at police in an Instagram Live video, shared to her own profile. “We are patriots, you are cowards!” she yelled at police, emotionally charged.

halsey, yungblud
Halsey and Yungblud seen protesting [Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock].

Yungblud, born Dominic Richard Harrison, and Halsey both got on their knees once items appeared to be thrown in the air. The pair appeared to be in the West Hollywood area, near CBS Television Studios and The Grove where thousands of protestors congregated to take a stand against racial inequality. In another video, Yungblud passionately screamed “Black lives matter!”

“fired rubber bullets at us. we did not breach the line. hands were up. unmoving. and they gassed and fired,” Halsey shared in another tweet after the protest. On June 3, she went on to commend those who were taking a stand across the United States. “Mad love to everyone who’s been out on the ground everyday these past few days. Eat, drink water, and get sleep. And mad love to everyone who has done their best to show up or contribute from home with conflicting obligations, responsibilities or health issues,” she wrote.

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