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Oct 01, 2019, 07:56 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Awareness is being done in the country regarding clean environment. Some are planting saplings, and some are using plastic substitutes. There is a cafe in Mumbai that is eco-friendly. Learn about this…

Cafe made with biodegradable product

Engineers and architects have given their thinking a new step towards saving the environment. In this, he has built a cafe in Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai with a completely biodegradable product ie cardboard. It is designed in such a way that it is completely safe for the environment. It is known by the name that everything in this cafe is made of cardboard. Designers say that people have seen hotels made of stone and brick till date, but for the first time a cafe made of cardboard. It has lamp shades, chairs and everything is made of cardboard. Its color has been kept light and very brilliant so that everyone can be attracted towards it. Writer and chef Amit Dhanani owns the cafe.

Being made of cardboard, it has been specially designed keeping in mind the rainy season, so that rain does not have any effect on it. At the same time, the fear of fire in the restaurant made of brick and stone is equally in it. It is cleaned with wax lamination. Being 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable, it is completely environmentally safe. This cafe has been thought out-of-the-box.

Architect Nuru Karim has designed the cafe. This cafe is spread over 40,000 sqft. The cafe is built by collecting eco-friendly and recycled items. Apart from this, the specialty of the food here is that Spanish cuisine is made here in the South Indian format.

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