• Two and a half lakh rupees will have to be spent to freeze the hair, the hair sample is kept at minus 180 degrees.

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Oct 23, 2019, 11:39 AM IST

Lifestyle Desk. The world’s first hair bank has been opened in Manchester to combat baldness. In this bank, you can get your hair samples freeze and when you feel that the hair is very hairy and needs a hair transplant, then you can get thick and beautiful hair again through your freeze sample. Up to Rs 2 lakh 30 thousand will have to be spent to freeze hair.

Help in fighting baldness problem

The initiative of this hair bank in Manchester will benefit men significantly, as more than half of men suffer from baldness after the age of 30. In the UK alone, about 6.5 million men are struggling with baldness. Baldness in men is caused by genetic and hormonal changes. Many medicines are available in the market to deal with it but they also have side effects. At the same time, a lot of expenses have to be incurred in the transplant. Many times a hair transplant is not successful. There can be many reasons for this.

According to Hair Bank’s medical director and hair transplant surgeon Bessam Farjo, they are collecting hair samples which should be kept freeze. Around 100 hairs will be put in the hair bank with roots. These hairs will be taken from the back of the scalp (scalp) where the density of hair is more. Hair should be up to 7 cm long. This process will only take 30 minutes.

Hair taken from scalp will be stored at a temperature of minus 180 degrees Celsius until the hair is thinned. After this, small cells will be removed from their roots by melting them. These cells are called Derman papillai. With the help of these small cells, hair comes to the head. Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Farjo says that the method of successfully transplanting hair has not yet been discovered. Dr. Farjo says that earlier too many attempts have been made to transplant hair with the help of Derman papillai cells, but this method has never been successful. According to him, many years ago there was also an experiment in Cambridge, which was successful on mice but this method did not work on humans.

Dr. Farjo says that it will be expensive to remove baldness in this way because in the beginning it will cost about 2.30 lakh rupees. After this, 2.75 lakh rupees every year. Rs. 6.50 lakhs Will cost up to. Apart from this, men will also have to pay a fee of 9 thousand rupees annually to store their hair. Initially, the focus will be on thickening the hair and after that the focus will be on removing baldness.

  • Baldness in men comes from a hormone called di-hydrotestosterone (DHT). Indeed, DHT attacks the dermal papillary cells present on the head or forehead, causing hair to thin and gradually stop growing new hair. This is why hair remains behind in baldness, but there is no hair in front.

  • Hair transplant costs up to 5 lakhs. In the transplant process, existing hair is applied on the empty area but sometimes it is not successful. Some recent research has revealed that new technology is needed to tackle baldness.
  • In the same month, some scientists in South Korean studied baldness, in which they found that one reason for baldness could be pollution. At the same time, in a research conducted in the month of May this year, it was claimed that the main reason for premature baldness is stress, less sleep and not taking nutritious food.

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