Vir Das is known for his stand-up comedy acts, so when he decides to play the lead in a web series with a backdrop of stand-up comedy, we would surely have high expectations from it. Netflix’s new web series Hashmukh is surely quite interesting and thrilling, but we miss the perfect comedy ka tadka here.


The series is about Hasmukh (Vir Das) who dreams to become a famous stand-up comedian. He is working as an assistant with a senior comedian, Gulati (Manoj Pagwa) who never gives him a chance to go on stage and perform. One day, before a show, an argument takes place between Hasmukh and Gulati, and the former kills the latter. He goes on the stage and performs amazingly. Hasmukh and his manager, Jimmy (Ranvir Shorey) realise that Hasmukh can only give a good performance when he kills someone before the show. After a couple of shows in his village, Hasmukh gets a chance to be on the reality show Comedy ka Badshah. Now, how Hasmukh manages to survive in the show, and how his life changes, forms the rest of the story…


The concept of Hasmukh is something new. We haven’t seen anything like this before. Even director Nikhil Gonsalves has done a good job in narrating the series. But what goes wrong here is that as the thriller part is engaging, the series falls flat when it comes to stand-up comedy scenes. The jokes used to show the stand-up comedy part are quite dull and fail to make us laugh.


Coming to performances, Vir Das is a surprise here. We know him as a comedian but in Hasmukh he is excellent as an actor and it makes us realize how underutilized he is in Bollywood. Ranvir Shorey is fantastic as Jimmy gives perfect support to Vir Das in the series. Suhail Nayyar is amazing, he is simply wow as KK. Amrita Bagchi leaves a mark with her performance and even Ravi Kishan is impressive.


Overall, Hasmukh is an interesting web series with the perfect thrill in it, but we wish the makers gave a dose of comedy as well.


Ratings: 3/5


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