• Survey conducted by Indian Market Research Bureau in 7 major cities of the country, according to the report, protein is the most important element for damaged muscle
  • More than 90% of Indians believe that protein is only necessary for bodybuilders and gym goers


Dec 04, 2019, 07:51 AM IST

Health desk. Indians are also deficient in protein, like iron and calcium. Protein levels in 73% of the urban population are much lower than the norm. Why it should be included in catering, 93% of people are not even aware of it. The most surprising thing is that Indians do not give importance to protein. They believe it is only necessary for gym goers. This has been revealed in a recent survey by the Indian Market Research Bureau.

According to the report, in a survey conducted in 7 cities of the country, Indians believe that protein in the diet is used for weight loss. According to InBody-IPSOS research in 2018, 71% of Indians have weak muscles. The body is deficient in protein up to 68% of the standard. According to the National Sample Survey (2011-12), 56.5 grams in rural areas and 55.7 grams in urban areas are consumed by Indians.

How much protein is required daily
Dr. Nandan Joshi working in the field of health and nutrition It is said that the muscles of youth are becoming weak due to not being physically active and less protein is reaching the body. At the age of 30, the muscles begin to get damaged. Up to 3-5% of muscles damage every 10 years. Daily exercise and protein work to repair it and keep it active. Any person should take protein according to their weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, then you should take 60 grams of protein in your diet daily.

How to fill the gap
Dietician and Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Nitisha Sharma It is said that if you are a non-vegetarian, you can take meat, chicken, eggs in the diet Milk, legume vegetables, peanuts, nuts and pulses are a better choice for vegetarians. Spending most of the day at one place, not keeping the body active and decreasing protein levels is weakening the muscles. From childhood to old age, protein is essential for every stage of life.

Lucknow people are the most protein deficient
Another survey by the Indian Market Research Bureau examined protein levels in major cities of the country. The survey found that 90% of Lucknow people lack protein. Ahmedabad and Chennai are the two cities on the second rung, with 84% of the population suffering from protein deficiency. In third place is Vijayawada (72%) and Mumbai on fourth (70%). At the same time, this figure is 60 percent in Delhi. 1800 people were included in this survey and their food was analyzed.

According to the Indian Dietetic Association, Indians are getting only 50 per cent of the protein they need from catering. Protein improves children’s ability to think and develop. As much as it is necessary for the muscles, it is also important to increase the body’s ability to fight against diseases. Apart from this, it is necessary to have enough protein in the body to make skin and hair beautiful and healthy.


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