Recently, Hina Khan’s song ‘Hina Khan Bedard song’ has been released, which is getting good response. Hina Khan is not happy. Asked how the fans liked the song, while Hina shared a cute picture of Pink Color in an off-shoulder dress, there is a video in the meantime.

Hina Khan actually posted an Instagram reel on #ActingChallenge (Hina Khan acting challenge Instagram reel) has made the video, in which she starts crying sadly in a few seconds, sometimes she starts to speak gilt and angry. Sometimes she shouts and then weeps bitterly. Seeing so many expressions of Hina Khan in a few seconds, fans and celebrities have been shocked. Many celebrities, including Tanaz Irani to casting director Mukesh Chhabra, have praised Hina. Some users wrote that after seeing this form of Hina, their hair became standing.

Hina Khan’s fiancée Rocky Jaiswal also became acquainted with this form of hers. Hina Khan is popular on social media these days. Recently she was trolled for her photos in bikini, but she shared more amazing photos on Instagram, regardless of trolls.

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