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2 minutes ago

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Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has broken her marriage to Azim Khan. He disclosed this matter on social media. Saba was seen in Hindi Medium with Irrfan Khan. However with this post Saba has not stated the real reason for separation. But according to reports, some time ago a woman accused Azim of sexual harassment. Azim posted a video about it, but deleted it later.

The reason for the separation was not written in the post
Saba wrote- Hello friends, I have a special announcement for all of you. Due to many personal reasons I have decided to end the relationship with Azim Khan. We are no longer married. I hope all of you will support this decision of mine as always. I believe that it is never too late to discover the bitter truths. One important thing I always wanted to clear was that – I never met Azim Khan. We were only connected on the phone. This is a very difficult time for me. But as we know it will also pass. Inshallah, lots of love to all of you.

Significantly, Saba was seen in the Hindi Medium released in 2017. Saba then asked for Irrfan in an interview that he had learned a lot from him. Saba was also surprised to hear the news of Irfan’s death.

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