Jan 22, 2020, 06:53 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Who does not want to, but sometimes due to lack of knowledge of the correct methods of decoration, something goes wrong, due to which the attractiveness of the room is reduced, especially in the drawing room. If some things are remembered, then such mistakes can be avoided. Aarti Khare Telling how to make the interior even more beautiful …

One size cushion

Generally, everyone puts the same size cushion on the couch, which is not correct. Place unevenly shaped cushions on the couch. First of all, you can also keep a small cushion or a small cushion at the end. Use the same size cushions in different places than decorate them on a couch.

Selection of furniture

Many times, such furniture are bought for home decoration, which does not match the look of the room at all. Every room has its own form. No iron stool or powder coated lamp will fit at all among the many wooden items. The balance of materials of color and texture must be ensured between the goods.

Perfect place for curtains

The correct way to hang the curtains on the window is to hang the curtains on the rod between the window and the ceiling and keep the rod 6-8 inches outward rather than sticking to the wall. This makes the window appear large and it is easy to install and remove curtains.

Selection of seeders

The decoration of the bedrooms is very much liked. But it should not happen that the art of misrepresentation is due to hobby. Do not choose a scenery that is negative. Always put a scenery in blooming colors and small rooms. You can put a big scenery on the big wall or many small series of small ones.

Carpet length

While laying carpet in houses, there is confusion about its length and width. Decorators are advised that the carpet should not be too short nor too big, but should be so long that the front of the couch should come over the carpet.

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