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Dr. Sunil M. Jain, well-known hormone expert, director of Total Diabetes Hormone Institute17 hours ago

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  • Lifestyle is not only responsible for diabetes, but also the consumption of too much sugar.
  • There are also many patients in whom diabetes has no genetic basis. Still this disease can happen.

The common type of diabetes begins with type two, usually weight gain and a comfortable life. There are gradual changes in the metabolism of the body, so its symptoms do not show up for a long time and its patients are often surprised because they are prone to obesity or physical inactivity (lack of exercise or activities) just a part of a condition or lifestyle. Believe it. Obesity and diabetes are closely related.
Relaxed life and obesity lead to reduced insulin performance and the possibility of diabetes. Obesity in the vicinity of the stomach has a major effect on the activation of insulin, so the risk of diabetes increases in such people. When lack of physical exertion and obesity reduce insulin activation, it also causes hypertension and cholesterol to rise. If the circumference of a male is more than 90 cm and that of a woman is more than 80 cm, then there is an increased risk of diabetes. Along with excess blood pressure, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are called metabolic syndrome.
How does sugar increase?
The carbohydrates present in the cells are converted into glucose during digestion. The goal of food is that the cells get glucose so that they work smoothly. Cells can use glucose only with the help of insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. If there is not enough insulin, or if insulin does not work on the cells, then the glucose will not get to the cells after reaching the blood and will increase the level of sugar by collecting in the blood. Because of this we will feel tired and will feel hungry. It is a symptom of diabetes.

Food planning is important
Dietary control in diabetes refers to a food that is balanced and that glucose is released into the blood at a slower rate after digestion so that insulin can transmit this glucose to the cells. If a lot of sweet food is eaten or a food that contains more sugar (burgers, bread, all-purpose baked products, sauces, etc.), then why is it harmful?
Sugar is absorbed into the body immediately after eating it and it increases the level of blood sugar completely. The pancreas then tries to bring this high level to cells and then bring it back to normal levels through insulin. So first the sugar bursts are felt, then the sugar blues means some fatigue due to its fall. In this way we exhaust metabolism and also increase fat cells.

Why is sugar called poison?
Excess of sugar kills the body from minerals and calcium from bones. As a result, osteoporosis and anemia may occur. Sugar worsens teeth. It has energy to spread, so it affects the brain. Irritability, insomnia and anxiety can occur. Sugar most commonly affects the pancreas, which is responsible for the release of the essential hormone hormone insulin.

There are other ways to sweeten food
Those who have diabetes or not, should also include whole grains, beans and vegetables in the diet. Chew this food and eat it. Due to this, the sugar that is given to the body will be made from comfort and the desire to eat sugar or sweet separately will continue to decrease. Choose fruits for sweet treats. Include sweet vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, onions, and red pumpkin. Eat sprouted grains. Discontinue the craving for sugar with sour, spicy or pungent flavors.

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