WhatsApp has given the option to mute notifications permanently in individual chats and group messages since October last year. But this option does not prove useful when you are mentioned by someone in that group for which you have already muted the notification of that group. In such a situation, notifications will keep coming to you. This is not technically a flaw, but sometimes it can bother you. Especially when many members start replying to any of your old messages.
However you can also mute such notifications in a way suggested by WABetaInfo.

How to mute mention notifications on WhatsApp

For such a message, you can mute the notification on both Android and iOS platforms. It also works for WhatsApp Web or its desktop client. For this, you have to mute the notification for that member of that group who is mentioning you while replying to any of your old messages.

So to mute notifications for that particular person, you have to go to his WhatsApp profile. After that tap on his name. Then find the option of Mute notifications there. It may ask as Mute for Android and Mute for iOS. To mute notifications here, you can choose between mute for 8 hours, a week or forever.

This is useful when you don’t want to leave a group. But at the same time, when someone mentions you, you also want to mute his notification.
WABetaInfo report As per reports, this workaround will work even if WhatsApp implements multi-device support as well. Then it can essentially sync rules across devices.

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