WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Facebook-owned company WhatsApp came with the delete feature for its users in the year 2017, in this feature users can delete their own sent messages. Using this feature, not only messages but also photos and videos can be permanently deleted from WhatsApp. Which means, no one can see the deleted message, not even you. However, deleted messages can also be viewed. Yes, there are many ways to do this. We are going to tell you one of these methods in this article.

If you’re planning on using this method, keep in mind that there is a cost to access WhatsApp features that don’t officially support the app. In this case, the method we are going to tell you, it may be that your personal information such as phone notifications, including OTP and bank details, may be in the hands of a third party app. We cannot guarantee that your data will remain private. Use this method at your own risk if needed more.

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages

Whenever a WhatsApp message is deleted, it leaves the message ‘This message was deleted’. If you have an Android phone, then follow these steps to see the deleted message.

1.First from Google Play Store WhatsRemoved+ Download and install.

2. After installing ‘Open’ the app. After this, complete the installation process by giving the permission to the app.

3. After giving permission, go back to the app. Here you will be asked to select the app whose notifications and delete changes you want to store.

4. In this list you have to choose WhatsApp.

5.Tap on ‘YES’ in the next screen. Tap ‘Allow’ to save the file. Now this app is ready to use.

6. Now whatever WhatsApp notifications you will get, including deleted messages… they will all be present in the WhatsRemoved+ app.

No such app exists for iOS. This is a good thing in terms of privacy. But if you want to see deleted messages, then this is not right.

We came across many such apps in the Google Play Store that claimed to do something similar. But no app was better than WhatsAppMoved+. This app works well, but the many ads in it can bother you. However, you can remove these ads, but for this you will have to pay a one-time fee of Rs 100.

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