YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming apps. Whether to watch a new song or trailer, everyone turns to YouTube. After watching a video on YouTube, when you open it again, it gives you suggestions to watch the video based on your search results. This means it tracks your search history. There must have been many times when you must have thought that the videos you are watching are not saved in the history. If you want that your search history is not tracked in YouTube App, then what you have to do for it. Today we will give you information about this thing. The solution to this problem of users is present in YouTube’s Android app itself.

Yes, incognito mode feature has been given in YouTube’s Android app. Please note that Incognito Mode is currently only available for the YouTube Android app. There is currently no information about when this feature will be released for iOS (iPhones and iPad). To use incognito mode, first you need to update the app.

How to activate Incognito Mode

First open the YouTube app. Click on the icon appearing on the right side of the search bar in the app. If you haven’t logged in to the YouTube app with your email ID, click on Sign-in. If you are already signed in, then after clicking on the icon shown at the top, you will see the option of Turn on Incognito. After clicking on Incognito Mode, you’re incognito will be written below. Not only this, in the icon on the right side of the search bar, you will now see the sign of Incognito. After incognito mode is activated, you can watch any video you want. The app will not be able to track your search history.

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