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  • If You Want To Give A New Style To The Room, Decorate It With A Beautiful Bench, You Can Give A Traditional Look By Keeping Small Pieces.

Kanika Kumar, CEO, Space Origami / Akash Kohli, Founder, Allante Group34 minutes ago

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  • Coagulation can be changed repeatedly for convenience
  • Color the old posts used in worship etc. and use them in the rooms

Furniture is not just a thing of use, but it enhances the appearance of the room and gives it an identity. This identity reveals your interest and lifestyle. Therefore, furniture management is a very important aspect, keep this in mind.

The choice of furniture is not in itself a matter of aesthetic or convenience. Apart from the measurement of weight, it also interferes with the theory of relativity.

These are the basic things in which room the height, what other furniture is able to support, what items are made and what kind of decoration furniture to use. Try to republish the available items at the moment.

Room inspection
First and foremost, watch your room carefully. Its size, the length of the walls, the width, what items are necessary to be kept in it, which can be removed. Check all these first. See also the number of windows, their height, the position of the door, etc. Only then think about re-arranging.

Choose Focal Point
Everything will be fixed around this. This focal point is not necessarily a piece of furniture. It can be a window. Keeping this in mind, plan for the luggage storage in the room. Submit whatever you want, keeping in mind the focal point. Like setting chairs around it while keeping the table under the window. Select the curtains so that the window remains in focus.

Room makeup
You made the face of the room, so now do some makeup. That is, keep some furniture pieces here, which should not be an obstacle in its placement and look beautiful.

Focus of activities
Take care of the movement of the room, how many times in the day, whose will be etc. It is not so that a rack of very beautiful items is placed in a place where it cannot be seen or a coffee table comes in the middle.

Apart from this, also keep in mind that there is absolutely no direct path left in any room, especially if there are small children or pets in the house. They start running as soon as they get direct space, due to which they can get hurt by furniture etc.

Bench is also an option
If you want to give a new look to the room, you can keep a bench. Unfurnished (back) furniture such as planks or benches do not come in the way and this makes the room look open.

Also choose small pieces
The beautiful pieces of bamboo furniture look very different in appearance. The amazing thing is that they are easily available at very low prices. Their coagulation can be changed repeatedly for convenience.

Post checkpoints
Color the old posts used in worship etc. and make them new in the rooms. Due to their low height, they do not obstruct the vision of the room. In addition to decorative items, plants can also be placed on these. They are also helpful in giving a slightly traditional look.


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