Recently, there were reports that Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar is going to play with threats in real life soon. Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth, he is about to scour the jungle with Bear Grylls. Now this news is confirmed. Akshay Kumar will be seen in Discovery’s show ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’. The promo of this special episode has also surfaced, in which Akshay is seen tasting a tea with elephant’s ‘poop’.

Akshay shared promo video

On Monday, Akshay Kumar himself shared a promo video of the episode with his Twitter handle. Into the wild with bear and The glimpse of Akshay Kumar is thrilling. In it, Akshay is trekking with bare grills, crossing the river with rope and drinking elephant potty tea to alleviate fatigue.

When will telecast take place?
According to the promo video, the episode will air on Discovery + on September 11 and Discovery on September 14 at 8 pm. By the way, the entire video itself is adventurous, but the most surprising thing is the tea of ​​the elephant’s ‘poop’. It is common to contract nose and eyebrow before hearing, but Akshay is seen drinking it comfortably.

Akshay Kumar is in Britain right now
Let us tell you that Bayer Grylls is a famous British TV host. Akshay is currently in Bitrain and is shooting his film ‘Bell Bottom’ there. Vani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and Lara Dutta will also be seen with him in this film.

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