Security researchers claim that iPhone users who are privacy conscious should immediately remove the Facebook app from their phones. According to a Forbes report, Facebook continues to track users even after turning off the tracking option in the iPhone’s privacy settings. Let us know that keeping in mind the user privacy, Apple had given the facility to turn off app tracking through its iOS 14 operating system. However, it looks like Facebook has found a way of tracking data even after it was discontinued.

According to the report, cyber security researchers have advised iPhone users to remove the Facebook app from their devices. The same researchers claim that Facebook uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to continuously track your movement. Through this, Facebook finds out where the user has been throughout the day. Facebook can also check when you are using various Facebook apps and services.

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This is not the first time that Facebook has ‘bluffed’ Apple’s privacy features. Earlier this month, Forbes cyber security writer Jack Duffman warned iPhone users that Facebook may capture metadata gathered from photos you take and location data through your IP address. Even if the user turns off location tracking, Facebook continues to collect information.

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