bollywood did not give proper respect to my father says irrfan son babil: Irrfan’s son Babil, one of the best actors in Bollywood, is constantly posting about his father. Recently he has posted another post in which he has written that his father has not been judged.

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Babil has said that his father did not get due respect in Bollywood.Babil has said that his father did not get due respect in Bollywood.

If you count some of the best actors in Bollywood, Irfan will probably be at the top. Irfan’s departure is still a pain for the fans and his son Babil is putting up some great posts for his father. Babil has expressed his displeasure in his recent post that Bollywood has not given due respect to his father. Irfan’s son Babil has shared a long post.

Babil wrote in his post, ‘You know what is the most important thing my father taught me as a student of cinema? Before I went to film school, he had told me that I had to make a place in Bollywood on my own. At the same time, I want to tell you this also happened. There was no respect for Bollywood, from the 60s to the 90s, nor was the value of their understanding. In world cinema, there is only one lecture about Indian cinema called ‘Bollywood and Beyond’ and in that people only make fun. It was also difficult for me to talk about Indian cinema because the real films Satyajit Ray and K.K. Asif had created. Do you know why this happened? Because as an Indian audience, we have refused to grow. ‘

Talking about his dead father, Babil wrote, ‘My father tried his best to elevate the acting even in adverse conditions throughout his journey, but at the box office he lost to some of the six-packaged hanks who used to give their films I speak a line of dialogue and defy the laws of science (and you should understand that failing at the box office means that most of the people who make money in Bollywood will go to the successful people, we were stuck in this vicious circle .) Because as a viewer we wanted to see all this and we continued to enjoy it. We need entertainment in which we kept our thinking so that our forgetting about the truth does not get scattered. Therefore, there was no change in our thinking also. Cinema’s abilities to do everything better for humanity were sidelined. ‘

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You know one of the most important things my father taught me as a student of cinema? Before I went to film school, he warned me that I have to prove my self as Bollywood is seldom respected in world cinema and at these moments I must inform about the Indian cinema beyond our controlled Bollywood. Unfortunately, it did happen. Bollywood was not respected, no awareness of 60’s – 90’s Indian cinema or credibility of opinion. There was literally a single lecture in the world cinema segment about Indian cinema called ‘Bollywood and Beyond’, that too gone through in a class full of chuckles. it was tough to even get a sensible conversation about the real Indian cinema of Satyajit Ray and K.Asif going. You know why that is? Because we, as the Indian audience, refused to evolve. My father gave his life trying to elevate the art of acting in the adverse conditions of noughties Bollywood and alas, for almost all of his journey, was defeated in the box office by hunks with six pack abs delivering theatrical one-liners and defying the laws of physics and reality, photoshopped item songs, just blatant sexism and same-old conventional representations of patriarchy (and you must understand, to be defeated at the box office means that majority of the investment in Bollywood would be going to the winners, engulfing us in a vicious circle). Because we as an audience wanted that, we enjoyed it, all we sought was entertainment and safety of thought, so afraid to have our delicate illusion of reality shattered, so unaccepting of any shift in perception. All effort to explore the potential of cinema and its implications on humanity and existentialism was at best kept by the sidelines. Now there is a change, a new fragrance in the wind. A new youth, searching for a new meaning. We must stand our ground, not let this thirst for a deeper meaning be repressed again. A strange feeling beset when Kalki was trolled for looking like a boy when she cut her hair short, that is pure abolishment of potential. (Although I resent that Sushant’s demise has now become a fluster of political debates, but if a positive change is manifesting, in the way of the Taoist, we embrace it.)

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Further Babil writes, ‘Now a change is coming, there is a new fragrance in the spirits. A youth is looking for a new place. We should stand up for this and try to save this effort from pressure. I felt strange when Kalki was trolled for looking like a boy when he cut his hair short. This is to completely suppress one’s abilities. Now people have made Sushant’s death a political issue, but if we want some positive change, this is the time to adopt it.

Babil shows exact copy of Papa Irrfan Khan in these pictures

  • Babil shows exact copy of Papa Irrfan Khan in these pictures

    Irrfan Khan is no longer with us, but his memories will always be alive in the hearts of fans. Today we are going to show you the pictures of Irfan’s son Babil, in which he is seen as a copy of his father. (All Pics: babil.i.k / irrfan instagram)

  • Not fond of acting

    However, Babil, who looks like Paapa, is rarely seen in a film because he has no interest in becoming an actor.

  • His world is also the world of cinema

    Although, he will definitely be connected to the world of cinema, but his desire is to work behind the camera and not in front of the camera like a father.

  • His dream is to become like a father

    However, Babil wants that he too can become like his father and he also believes that he will have to work hard to become so.

  • Irfan had cancer two years ago

    Let us know that Irfan’s cancer was detected in the year 2018 and he was also treated for almost a year in London. On 29 April 2020 he left this world forever.

  • Two sons, Babil and Ayan

    Irrfan Khan’s family consists of his wife Sutapa Sikdar and two sons Babil and Ayan.

  • Children will progress on learning from father

    Irrfan was a great artist and Sutapa also wants the children to progress on the lessons they have learned from their father.

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