• Japan University student Amy used invisible ink to write essays.
  • Writing letters with invisible ink is called apuridasi technique, it was used for secret messages.

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Oct 15, 2019, 01:22 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Japan University student Amy Haga is being called the Ninja Girl. Amy was asked to write an essay for research, after which she gave a blank paper to the professor. Amy used invisible ink to write essays on paper. The professor understood the answer when he saw the paper in the light of the fire. For this, Emma got full marks. Some pictures of the essay are also going viral on social media.

Invisible ink was prepared from soybean

Amy is a student of history at Japan University. He loves to read and write about ninjas. Amy went to Igaro’s Ninja Museum some time ago. When Professor UG Yamada asked him to write an essay about the museum and his journey, he used invisible ink.

Writing letters with invisible ink is called apuridasi technique. It is also called ninja technique. Amy used this ink to show her fondness for the ninja. Apuridasi is a traditional technique used in Japan in ancient times to send secret messages.

The ink used in Apuridasi technique was prepared from soybean. For this, soybeans were first soaked, then grinded and turned into ink. The words written from it were seen only when the paper was taken close to the fire.

According to Professor UG Yamada, I have seen reports written in different codes, but for the first time it happened that an essay written with Apurdasi technique came to me. The ninja does not look the way it does in cartoon films. Their costumes range from nature to fighter.

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