Javed akhtar mourns on jaideep demise: Javed Akhtar, a well-known Bollywood industry writer, has mourned the death of Jagadip, the famous comedian. Javed Akhtar has described Jagdeep as a great talent.

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Jagdeep, the famous Bollywood industry commissioner, died on 8 May. After hearing this news, a wave of mourning raged among the people. Through social media, many celebrities paid tribute to Jagdeep. At the same time, well-known writer Javed Akhtar has remembered the commissioner.

Javed Akhtar tweeted

Javed Akhtar tweeted, “Jagdeep saheb was seen as a child artist in Do Bigha Zameen. As a youngman, he played emotional and dramatic roles in films like Bhabhi, Kite. Comidi was his second successful innings. Great talent. Good bye sir.

Work done in many hit films

Jagdeep started his career as a child artist with BR Chopra’s film Afsana. He said ‘Laila Majnu’, ‘Toy’, ‘Aaina’, ‘Suraksha’, ‘Phir Same Night’, ‘Old Temple’, ‘Emperor’, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘China Gate’, ‘Kahin Mein Pyaar Mein’ ‘, Acted in films like’ Bombay to Goa ‘.

Real name Was Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri

Jagdeep’s real name was Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri and he is the father of Javed, Naved and Hussain Jafri. Javed Jaffrey is a famous actor and dancer of the industry. His second son Naved Jaffrey is a television producer and director.

The real Surma Bhopali was angered after the release of ‘Sholay’

  • The real Surma Bhopali was angered after the release of 'Sholay'

    If a face is revealed after taking the name Surma Bhopali, it is Veteran actor Jagdeep. Jagdeep, whose real name was Saeed Istiak Ahmed Jafri, did not live in this world. He died on 8 July. His memories will always be alive in the hearts of the people and also his Surma Bhopali character. Jagdeep became very popular due to this character of the movie ‘Sholay’. Do you know he refused earlier to do it. Not only this, the real Surma Bhopali got angry with Salim-Javed and sent a notice to him. However, the two parties later reached an agreement. Know here, some interesting things related to this role of Jagdeep …

  • Jagdeep is the lead actor

    People may remember Jagdeep as a Commander but this was not always the case. He has been a lead actor in films like ‘Bhabhi’, ‘Barkha’ and ‘Bindiya’. His first two films were his opposite Nanda.

  • Post-commissioned

    ‘Sit near you, you will get better’ over Jagdeep. Many famous songs like ‘Chala Ud Ja Ja Re Panshi’ and ‘Chali Chali Re Kite’ have been filmed. He later became a Commander.

  • Later the role of Surma Bhopali was added

    People still remember Jagdeep’s role of Surma Bhopali in ‘Sholay’. This role was added after the film was completed. Salim-Javed was so confident about this character that he added it later.

  • Jagdeep wanted to play the role of a jailer

    When Salim-Javed approached Jagdeep for the role, he refused. The reason for this was that a film had already been made and Jagdeep wanted to play Asarani’s ‘Jailer’. The second producer GP did not give some money for the film ‘Brahmachari’ to Jagdeep. Jagdeep finally agreed. He took his full market price for a small role.

  • Real Surma Bhopali gets angry with Salim-Javed

    Surma Bhopali’s character was inspired by real life. After the film’s release, the name became so famous that the real Surma Bhopali got annoyed. If reports are to be believed, he had even made a case against Salim Javed. However, the two sides later reached an agreement.

  • Real surma bhopali was quarrelsome

    It is said that Surma Bhopali, a resident of Bhopal, was Nahar Singh Baghel. It was because of his quarreling that people started calling him Surma Bhopali. However, after ‘Sholay’, Surma Bhopali became the identity of Jagdeep.

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