Jennifer Aniston’s doing the best she can to stay busy during quarantine and… not exactly succeeding. Her new way of staying entertained and fighting boredom is watching her washing machine’s spin cycle!

On a scale of 1 to Jennifer Aniston, how bored are you right now? The Morning Show star, 51, gave her 33 million Instagram followers a glimpse into her life during quarantine in Los Angeles, and let’s just say that things have been better. Jennifer posted a short video to her Instagram Story on May 6 that revealed she’s resorted to watching the spin cycle on her washing machine for entertainment. If it wasn’t clear enough that she’s getting totally stir crazy, she set the video to Tyga and Curtis Roach’s song “Bored In The House”. You know, the one that goes, “bored in the house and I’m in the house bored, bored than a muhf***a in the house bored”?

You can watch Jen’s funny clip below! The Friends star’s face isn’t visible in the video (it’s obscured by laundry), but you can tell that she’s wearing a pair of sweatpants and a plain t-shirt. Ah, the official uniform of quarantine. At least she has her adorable dogs to entertain her. After she tired of watching her clothes spin, Jen posted videos of herself playing with her sweet Schnauzer mix, Clyde, in the backyard of her $21 million Bel Air mansion. This, fortunately, isn’t the only doggo content Jen’s graced her followers with during the COVID-19 lockdown. She revealed sweet photos on April 27 of her two little pups totally passed out after a long day of fetch and fun, captioned, “Big day… Exhausted.”

Jen followed it up by joking that she’s not really getting as much rest as her dogs. “You can’t sleep? Have you tried meditating, then reading for an hour, then going to the couch, then back to bed, then counting backward from ten million, then taking a sleeping pill?” she said on her Instagram Story. “Go to sleep. Everything will be worse in the morning.”

Further proof that Jen’s hella bored? Fans caught her commenting on ex-boyfriend John Mayer‘s Instagram Live. After John joked that “four percent of the things that I say are useful,” she lightly roasted him with some crying-laughing emojis. We saw that!

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