Reliance Jio has once again left behind Airtel, Vodafone-Idea (Vi) and BSNL. According to the latest data from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Jio added 3.48 million (34.8 lakh) new users in rural India in the month of July. If we talk about Voda, BSNL and Airtel, then these companies have suffered huge losses in terms of subscriber base in July.

More damage to Voda and BSNL
According to the data, Airtel lost 4.1 lakh and Vodafone-Idea 9.9 lakh users in rural India in July 2021. If we talk about BSNL, then this government company also had to lose its subscribers in July. According to TRAI data, BSNL suffered a loss of 1.01 million (about 10.1 lakh) users.

Jio showed strength in overall subscriber base
Jio dominated the overall subscriber base as well. According to TRAI data, Jio gained 65.1 lakh new wireless subscribers in July. With the addition of 65.1 lakh new users, the total number of users of the company has increased to 443.21 million (about 44.32 crore).

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Airtel also benefits in overall subscriber base
Airtel has also benefited in terms of subscriber base in July 2021. In this month, the company managed to add 19.4 lakh new users and with this the total subscriber base of Airtel has increased to 354.05 million (approximately 34.40 crore). Talking about Vodafone-Idea, in July, the company was disappointed. In July 2021, the company suffered a loss of 14.3 lakh users and with this the user base of Voda came down to 271.9 million (about 27.19 crore).

Jio ahead of other companies in rural India
Talking about the user base of Rural India, the number of Jio subscribers increased to 190 million in July. At the same time, Vodafone’s subscriber base in rural India declined to 138.61 million (around 13.86 crore) and Airtel’s user base declined to 171.31 million (about 17.13 crore). Thanks to Jio, the number of overall mobile users in rural India increased to 536.74 million (about 53.67 crore) in July. At the same time, the number of mobile users in urban India has also increased by 0.59 percent.

Most active user with airtel
According to VLR, Airtel has 97.74 active users. At the same time, Voda has 87.67 percent and Jio has 78.18 percent active users. At the same time, the number of active users of state-owned telecom company BSNL was 50.49 percent.

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Jio number 1 in market share
Jio is still number 1 in terms of market share. The company currently has a market share of 37.34 percent. At the same time, Airtel has a 29.83 percent market share. If we talk about Vodafone-Idea and BSNL, then their market share is 22.91 percent and 9.64 percent respectively.

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