Reliance Jio on Wednesday launched JioPages, a web browser based on Chromium Blink. The browser features features like encrypted connection and supports eight Indian languages ​​and is now available for download on Google Play. In its announcement, Reliance Jio focused on web security and data privacy, and the Google Play listing reveals many more features included in it, such as news in various Indian languages, smart download manager, private browsing and theme support.

It also comes with Pin-Lock Incognito Mode and has an in-built adblocker. JioPages supports eight Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. Users can also choose the language of the application and set their browser for different states.

According to the announcement, the browser is based on Chromium Blink and “designed to deliver the best browsing experience through fast engine migration, smooth webpage rendering, fast page loads, efficient media streaming, emoji domain support, and encrypted connections.”


Jio also said that JioPages has been built entirely in India, although of course its root blink rendering engine is supported by contributions from companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Opera Software, Adobe Systems, Intel, IBM, Samsung and others. has been developed.

Users can choose a default search engine and options other than Google include Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go, and JioPages also gets a dark mode theme. It also includes a browser feed, which will be shown according to the language set by the users, as well as content based on their region and chosen topics.

The download manager in the browser organizes the downloaded content by file type, so you can easily search for downloaded pictures, videos, documents. The PIN feature is available in private mode, which can be used as an access code as soon as you enter this mode.

As per a screenshot, the browser comes with AdBlock Plus, which blocks ads and allows users to whitelist domains. You from Google Play You can download JioPages browser.

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