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One hour ago

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JJ Julie still has scissors to cut hair in her hands. But the only difference is that earlier they used scissors to cut girls’ hair, whereas now it is seen setting the hair of dogs. During the last one year, due to the epidemic, the beauty salon in which she used to work was closed. When there was no other way to fulfill the responsibility of the house, he started grilling the dogs. However, it was not easy for them to do this work among the Arab community of Israel. There, this work related to the dog is not considered good. But for some time, the thinking of the people here has also changed and they want to fulfill their stomach gumming with the help of an expert.

The 36-year-old bluntly started the B-Rex Spa for Dogs instead of sitting in the midst of difficult conditions. Julie says- “Dogs are my passion”. His son helps him in this work. He himself wants to grow up and become a Veteran doctor. Julie likes to befriend the dogs before giving them treatment so that their work becomes easier.

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