Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had exchanged vows on May 1, 2019.

Singer Joe Jonas has special plans to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with actress Sophie Turner. “I think we would have gone back to Vegas,” he told host James Corden, reports “So, if you can keep a secret, I would say I might try to recreate Vegas in our house.”

As for how Joe will bring Las Vegas to their home, he said: “I have a DJ set up. We could do a night club.”

Joe and Sophie had exchanged vows on May 1, 2019, in a Las Vegas chapel following the Billboard Music Awards. The impromptu ceremony was intended to be kept a secret, but DJ Diplo’s live coverage of the event on social media ruined their plans.

One month later, Joe and Sophie had their second wedding ceremony in France.

Joe admitted that he and Sophie used to celebrate every relationship milestone back when they were dating.

“We used to be the couple that every few days we would celebrate,” he explained. “So, it’d be like, we’ve been dating for a week, we’d have a party or a big dinner. We’ve been dating for a month and we were that nauseating couple,” adding, “Now, I think we’ve chilled out quite a bit.”

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