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  • John McDonald, Who Lost 20 Kg At The Age Of 70, Is A Fitness Influencer With The Help Of His Daughter, His 772,000 Followers On Social Media

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  • Joan began to exercise with the help of her daughter. His daughter’s name is Michelle
  • Joan joins Michelle’s online workout program. For this, he bought an iPhone and learned to operate it

There is no age to maintain fitness. This can be understood by looking at 74-year-old Joan McDonald. When Joan was 70 years old, she started suffering due to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux. Then he started losing weight on the advice of his doctor.

Joan lost 20 kg through strenuous workouts. She says, “I have seen my mother being troubled by diseases at an early age. She used to eat only medicines to get rid of all this suffering ”. Joan began to exercise with the help of her daughter. His daughter’s name is Michelle.

He is a yoga expert, powerlifter and professional chef. Joan joins Michelle’s online workout program. For this, he bought an iPhone and also learned to operate it. Joan’s fitness regime includes cardio, yoga and weight lifting.

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There are 3 years difference between these two photos with my coach / daughter @yourhealthyhedonista. Honestly, this is about making deep changes to my attitude about a lot of things more than just food (although that is an important one!). I am learning to love myself, to be open to changes, and to let go of a lot of baggage and emotions that involves serve me. ???? improving getting a lot of questions about macros from my last post. How to get started and what your starting macros should be. Well, said not the expert here but I asked my daughter for some advice and this is what she told me. 1) you can use some online sources like www.iifym.com or the app @ my.macros to help calculate your starting macros. Michelle explains that from here you can get a rough idea of ​​where to start and then by tracking for a week and seeing progress or not, you can make adjustments. 2) you can try to figure it out on your own by using a simple equation: if you need to lose weight, multiply your body weight by 10 to get your starting calories, eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight, keep you fats below 30% of total calories, and fill in the rest with carbs. Track macros for a week and depending on progress adjust from there. If you are really obese like I was however, you may need to make more adjustments and this is where a coach can really help. When I was 200 lbs I really had no appetite and I had a very sluggish metabolism. Michelle gave me a 1200 calorie diet which was 6 calories per pound, and only 130 grams of protein which was 0.65 grams of protein per pound. My carbs were at 100 grams and my fats were at 30. I ate 5 balanced meals daily. ???? 3) you can work with a reputable coach! ???? I can refer you to my daughter’s coaching team @thewonderwomenofficial who can get you started. They are a wonderful group of gals who my daughter is mentoring and they follow her guidelines for nutrition and training for women. .. I hope that helps. This is what my daughter told me is a good basic outline. Getting coaching is always going to be the best option because of individual differences. He has a wonderful week together! With love, Joan ????

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Joan is happy that after losing weight, she no longer needs to eat medicines. She exercises five days a week.

Also, eat small amounts of food five times a day. Joan followed a macro based meal plan to lose weight. He also told the favorite things of his food through social media.

At the moment, the zones are losing weight and focusing on workouts that give them energy. Joan says, “Women of my age regret that they will never look young.” People do not take any interest in seeing them. But I want to say to all such women that you cannot stop your growing age. But fitness can be maintained by her own efforts ”.


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