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Mumbai6 minutes ago

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Actress Kangana (left) shares her photo on social media (right) - eBioPic

Actress Kangana (left) shares her photo on social media (right)

The state continues to have a 15-day ban amid increasing cases of infection in Maharashtra. There is a mixed effect of this ban. Trains are missing from the streets, but the vegetable mandis are crowded like every day. Actress Kangana Ranot has targeted the Maharashtra government for increasing cases of infection despite the communication restrictions (tight restrictions).

Sharing a picture on the social media platform, the actress wrote, ‘Lockdown …. it looks like a lockdown in Maharashtra’. A broken shed is seen in the stock photo by the actress. Its three sides are open and latch is placed on the front door. This picture of the actress is becoming very viral in social media. In an hour, it has been retailed by more than one thousand people and more than 10,000 likes have been received.

Photo shared by actress on social media.

Photo shared by actress on social media.

Kangana’s mess with government is not new
This rift between Kangana and the Maharashtra government is not new. She came under attack from Shiv Sena leaders after the actress compared Mumbai to Pakistan. After this, the office of the actress was vandalized by BMC. The BMC had also reprimanded the High Court for this. After this, the actress had said to CM Thackeray, ‘Today my house is broken, tomorrow your pride will break. Even after this, the actress has been an attacker on the Maharashtra government several times.

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