The dispute between Kangana Ranaut and the Maharashtra government is getting deeper. He is deeply upset by the breach in the office of Kangana Ranaut by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Kangana’s sister Rangoli visited the office on Thursday and took stock of it. It is being told that he took some pictures of the office and also made videos. Meanwhile, Kangana has again tweeted against the Uddhav government.

Himachal Chief Minister said – will not tolerate Kangana insult
Himachal Chief Minister Jairam Thakur says that Kangana is Himachal’s daughter. His humiliation will not be tolerated.

IMPPA Producers Association came in support of Kangana
Many people have come in support of Kangana and have termed the action of BMC wrong. Now the IMPPA Producers Association has supported Kangana. Earlier Anupam Kher also described it as wrong and regrettable.

Kangana called this action a government felony
Kangana has tweeted, I want to make it particularly clear that the people of Maharashtra condemn the hooliganism done by the government, many calls are coming from my Marathi well-wishers, in the heart of the world or people in Himachal It is sad that I do not think that I do not get love and respect here.

Told, blackmoney of Maharashtra government
Many of my Marathi friends cried on the phone yesterday, some gave me many contacts for help, some were sending food to home which I could not accept due to security protocols, this black act of Maharashtra Government has brought Marathi culture and pride in the world. Should not be hurt Jai Maharashtra

rangoli chandel

BMC organized 2 hours in Kangana’s office
On Wednesday, BMC vandalized the office of Kangana Ranaut for nearly 2 hours. BMC officials say they have only removed the illegal construction. While Kangana says that there was nothing wrong in his office. Kangana’s appeal hearing is at 3 in the court. In this, BMC will have to prove that their action was correct.

Kangana posted video inside Mumbai, showing BMC vandalism after reaching Mumbai

BMC claims, wrongly broke renovation
BMC officers took action on Kangana’s office 2 days after giving notice. It was told in the notice that Kangana’s office is a residential building and renovation has been done against the rules. BMC claims that only the wrongly formed part has been broken. Kangana Ranaut made several tweets after the action of BMC. He said that the interior of the office was also demolished. In a tweet, Kangana wrote that her office suddenly became illegal in 24 hours and everything was broken with furniture.

The court said, the action of BMC in the sense of maliciousness
The Bombay High Court has barred the BMC for any sabotage in Kangana’s office. However, he had suffered a lot before getting a stay. The court termed this action of BMC wrong and said that it smells of malfeasance. Kangana’s lawyer also gave a statement that deferment was not granted after giving notice. Kangana asked for a 7-day extension. The action was taken within 2 days of the notice being pasted outside his office.

Hearing in court at three o’clock, will BMC have to pay compensation for the damage done to Kangana’s office?

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